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Bruce James

The Full Story

Singer/songwriter Bruce James of Hilton Head, SC, has five decades in the music business. From the age of 11 watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show he knew the music industry was his destiny. “I asked my dad for a guitar and the rest is history,” says James. Being a severe stutterer from third grade into his early 20s, disfluency, shyness and fear pulled him closer to music as a way to communicate. He realized the impact music can have on both those who create it and those who hear it. Like his new music video “Dedicated to Life” (Lost Voices) Bruce frequently writes about timely social issues impacting the world around him. He is a poet at heart, inspired by greats such as James Taylor, John Denver, The Eagles, Jim Croce and Bob Dylan. His soulful lyrics are meant to inspire and uplift. “As musicians and writers, we all grow and change and sometimes we latch on to a cause we feel we need to reflect on,” says James. He wrote his first song in 1972, “Lay Down Your Arms,” a Vietnam-era song. Over the years, he has produced close to 100 songs, mostly his own compositions. He has worked alongside countless artists, including working as an engineer/producer with José Feliciano. As with so many of James’ songs, he is hoping “Dedicated to Life” can make a difference in addressing the serious crisis of fentanyl poisoning across the country.

For bookings contact:

 Bruce James
(203) 858-6171

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